Community Matters (Yorkshire)


Community Matters (Yorkshire) now offers a range of Funding services.

Funding Support Pages

a number of the support pages from the old Fit4funding website have been reproduced here, you can access them from the sub menus or by going here

Funding Website

This site offers access to our specialist funding database, which not only allows you to search national funders it also allows you to search for specialist funders in the Yorkshire sub regions ( i.e. North, West and South Yorkshire) The database also identifies those funders that will fund CICs

In addition to this there is a wide range of help sheets covering funding and other organisational development issues.

Access to this service costs just £10 a year which helps us pay for the service.

For more information go to

CMY-Fit4funding Newsletter

This monthly newsletter has over 50 funding opportunities and is included in the subscription cost for the funding service

For more information go to

Funding Advice

Community Matters (Yorkshire) is able to offer some limited funding advice depending on our current work loads. for more information please contact