Community Matters (Yorkshire)

Aims and Objectives


Your aims are the changes your are trying to achieve in the group or groups you work with. e.g. “To improve the health and well-being of women in Anytown.” Your Aims are often also described as your “Vision”.


Your objectives are the activities you carry out to achieve your aims, the way you intend to achieve these changes. e.g. “Provide a health advice line for women in Anytown; circulate information on health issues; campaign for women-only sessions at the local gym and swimming pool.” In your constitution they are often called Objects.

You need to be sure you are working within your constitutional aims, otherwise you are breaking the law.”

Top Tips

  • Make sure your whole group is clear about what your aims and objectives are
  • Clarify and prioritise your objectives
  • Be clear about the resources you need to achieve them
  • Identify which funding sources will support your aims and objectives. Some might:
    • undermine your original aims
    • gain you adverse publicity
    • compromise your independence eg campaigning or new service development
    • take time or funding away from other important activities