Community Matters (Yorkshire)

Public or Statutory Funding

What are they?

UK Government departments. Local Councils, NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Very few of these are now grants, the majority are contracts.

 Who can apply?

Anybody usually.

 What do they fund?

Any type of work that meets the statutory organisations outcomes.

 How do you apply?

Often through a formal tender process or via a grant application


Contracts are often for large amounts of money

Often for a fixed number of years often 3 or 5 with options to extend

You get paid to deliver specific outputs


Contracts potentially incur VAT

If its an existing piece of work you may need to TUPE staff

There are penalties for non-delivery

Usually paid in arrears

Information sources

Information about a range of sources often there is a regional tender portal ask your local council for details.

The Government Funding Website is operated by Directory of Social Change and is now a subscription service,

There are also a number of Government websites that provide entry points for information about UK Government Departments. These can be found via  or

For more information please go to