Executive Director

Salary £35k - £38k per year

Main purpose of the job

To work alongside and report to the CEO/ Artistic Director to help shape Yorkshire Dance, create and implement its strategic plan and lead on the appointment and management of staff.

The Executive Director will have particular responsibility for the legal, financial and operational wellbeing of Yorkshire Dance, its work, staff and community.

Scope of the job

  • work with the CEO/Artistic Director on the strategic vision of Yorkshire Dance and be responsible for communicating the vision and ensuring effective delivery of aims and targets
  • provide sound business, financial and HR management of Yorkshire Dance
  • ensure systems for reporting are in place and fully functional
  • ensure full legal compliance by the company
  • engender and maintain key relationships external to Yorkshire Dance

Responsibilities and Accountabilities Strategic (10%)

  • With the CEO/Artistic Director, create and implement strategy for long-term organisational sustainability, health and resilience
  • Review the strategic plan regularly in light of its artistic goals, financial objectives, the market environment and performance of the Company
  • Lead on the management of staff and the organisational structure of Yorkshire Dance

Leadership (10%)

  • Together with the Artistic Director, provide confident and inspiring leadership that motivates and enthuses staff
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate management structure in place to enable the organisation to deliver the strategic plan, with appropriately delegated responsibilities staffed by suitably experienced staff

People and Culture (20%)

  • Ensure that staff at all levels in the organisation are effectively managed and supported and that policies and procedures are maintained to ensure inclusive, consistent and fair treatment of all staff. Create a supportive environment where diverse talent can thrive and everyone can give of their best
  • Lead the training and development programme for all staff
  • Create and apply appropriate recruitment, remuneration and reward policies to retain and attract appropriately experienced and skilled people
  • Hold the position of Designated Safeguarding Officer

Finance (30%)

  • Effectively plan, manage, monitor and control the company's finances ensuring that appropriate systems are in place to safeguard the company, including those aspects of Corporate Governance delegated by the Board
  • Oversee the production of regular management accounts and other financial analyses, ensuring effective oversight and reporting to the Board
  • Provide accurate budget and financial monitoring support for major programmes and projects

Operations (30%)

  • Oversee responsibility for Health & Safety (with the Facilities Manager), particularly with regards to COVID, within Yorkshire Dance's building
  • Oversee efficient and effective monitoring, data management and audit functions
  • Oversee the company's commercial activities from the use of our building with the aim of maximising income generation
  • Ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, including reporting to Companies House and the Charity Commission

General duties applicable to all Yorkshire Dance staff

  • To undertake all activities in compliance with Yorkshire Dance's policies and procedures with particular reference to equality, health and safety and environmental policies
  • To promote the activities, products and values of Yorkshire Dance
  • To participate in the staff review and development scheme, and undertake continued professional development activities as identified
  • To be a key holder and to lock and unlock the building on departure and arrival as required

Closing date: Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 5.00pm 

Full details are available at https://yorkshiredance.com/vacancies/

Posted in Jobs on Dec 14, 2020.

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